AMD ease Windows 8 app worries

  • October 2, 2012

Windows 8Some Windows 8 devices that are built around AMD chips will be able to run Android apps thanks to a collaboration between AMD and Bluestacks, using AMD’s AppZone player.

Bluestacks provides the code that acts as a kind of wrapper around the Android app allowing the Android app to run on Windows 8 devices, new AMD based devices will ship with AppZone player pre-installed.

Windows 8 apps

With only about 1 month until Windows 8 launches there are rumoured to be only around 2000 apps specifically built for Microsoft Windows store, so this news comes as a welcome relief to the company.
BlackBerry also did something similar with their Playbook, allowing it to play Android apps with the updated OS 2.1.

Windows 8 Devices

There is a lot of positive news surrounding Windows 8 devices soon to be hitting the market with most of the big players in the mobile phone arena adopting it as an operating system for some exiting new phones.

The most anticipated new phone is the Nokia Lumia 920, which is seen to be the flagship Windows 8 device, with HTC close behind with its 8s and 8x models.
There are also rumours of a Google Nexus phone being launched as early as this month.