Another BlackBerry 10 Leak! – App World

  • June 27, 2012

App World BlackBerry 10I am not surprised some people are saying that BlackBerry is a sinking ship, judging by the amount of leaks in the last few days I give it 1 week!

This time leaked images of the new App World for BB 10 has surfaced on the web, this time beat N4BB to it!

The images are of course just mockups, or grey box wireframes, but show a nice clean functional layout maybe on the cards for App World in BB 10, and not too soon as the current App World is in dire need of an overhaul.

The new UI shows a trending section and a top grossing section and a much improved details and app information section.

A huge amount of money and resources are being channeled into BlackBerry apps for BlackBerry 10, with incentives for developers to develop for the platform, so it was inevitable that App World would get a revamp to coincide with the release of BB10, whenever that is?…