Bring Outdoor Adventures to Life with ViewRanger App



ViewRanger has recently launched the first augmented reality (AR) outdoor adventure app, which has already got the attention of industry experts, including Apple who showcased it at their 2016 keynote event.

Users can use the Skyline feature within the ViewRanger app to point the camera at nearby landmarks to see additional information such as the names of mountain peaks. If you’re not a fan of map-reading but want to make sure you’re still on route, it’s a nifty tool to keep your bearings.


The feature works by using location data alongside gyroscopic and other sensors within your smartphone to understand the position of the phone in relation to your surroundings. This enables mountains, villages, peaks and glaciers up to 20 miles away to be identified and overlaid on the real life shown via the camera screen.


As Co-founder and CEO Craig Wareham of ViewRanger explains:

“When we started ViewRanger, our vision was always to place map information directly into the landscape around the user…Skyline tells you what you’re looking at and shows you which way to go, fundamentally changing the way maps are used and how you interact with the landscape.”


If you use Skyline when navigating a pre-planned route, directional arrows will also appear on the screen, removing the need to be an expert map reader. If you’ve been put off hiking due to a fear of getting lost, the ViewRanger app may just be the answer.

ViewRanger App Navigation

Currently a staggering 9 million landscape features can be identified within Skyline, which means it works across 80% of the globe. Whether you’re setting off for a break in the Lake District or heading further afield to Australia or the USA, this is certainly one travel app worth trying.


Download the ViewRanger app free today on either Google Play or the Apple App Store and see for yourself how AR is changing decades long ways of doing things – all with the help of technology and some very clever people behind the scenes.