Celestica stop making devices for BlackBerry

  • June 19, 2012
Celestica stops BlackBerry production

Celestica stops BlackBerry production

The cutbacks continue as Research In Motion (RIM), Blackberry in other words, make further cuts to try to cut its losses.

The latest company to suffer is it’s major manufacturer of mobile devices, Celestica.

Celestica, an electronics manufacturer  based in Toronto Canada is preparing to make a $35 million dollar expense, as it loses one of it’s biggest customers BlackBerry, which accounts for one fith of its revenue.

Blackberry are trying to cut $1 billion off it’s expenses by the end of  the 2013 financial year, and with a reported $1 billion of unsold stock sitting in warehouses and a poor share price, cutbacks are necessary.

Things might be looking up for BlackBerry in the later part of the year with the planned launched of their much anticipated BlackBerry 10 devices, a venture that will be very important to the future of BlackBerry.

We wish them luck!