Feel UX – Sharp wants to make a difference

  • June 18, 2012

Sharp have enlisted ‘Frog’, a UX design company to design its OS on Sharp’s new AQUOS smartphones.

With the massive influx of android mobile phones in the last few years Sharp feels that the OS for a large number of  these phones are very similar and not very inspirational, so Sharp decided to do something about it.

Sharp decided to enlist Frog to help simplify the interaction model and make the experience more user freindly, bringing together a team of strategists, designers and engineers from both companies to acheive this.

They are calling it ‘Feel UX’, and it includes new and innovative personalisation functionality, and the the ability to carry out certain tasks without having to unlock the device.

‘Feel UX’ will be available first in Japan on Sharp new Aquos smartphones in this summer.