Dashlane Launches New Apps for iOS 9



Popular password manager Dashlane has been quick to respond to Apple’s latest operating system, releasing two new apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Taking advantage of the new features of iOS 9, both apps are available to download today for free, with the option to go premium if you want greater synchronization across all of your Apple devices.


New features include:

Quicker Search (via the iOS Spotlight API), making it easier to find data you’ve store in Dashlane

3D Touch, allowing you to search within Dashlane plus save new passwords without having to leave the home screen

3rd Party App Integration, helping to simplify password submission across over 170 iOS apps

Multi-tasking on iPads, via a new split-screen feature so you no longer have to exist the browser to view your Dashlane data


For those unfamiliar with Dashlane, it provides a safe and secure way to manage your passwords online, as well as digital wallet.

In just a few taps you can create stronger passwords, save all of them in one place and also save your credit card details. It’s great if you’re anything like me with over 30 different passwords and the constant frustration of trying to remember which password goes with each website.


Once you’ve stored your data you can use auto-login at your favourite websites rather than manually entering the password each time. All data is encrypted (ensuring hackers can’t access sensitive information) and with the recent hacks of big companies like TalkTalk, now is the time to really start looking at how you manage your login details.


As Emmanuel Schalit, Dashlane CEO, explains:

“As password security remains a critical issue for consumers and businesses, we are proud to remain the leading solution for people who demand both rock-solid security and hassle-free convenience.”