Amazon unveils it’s first smartphone


Yesterday saw the world’s largest online retailer unveil it’s first smartphone, the Amazon ‘Fire Phone’.

Amazon was quick to point out it’s unique feature of providing 3D views via the four-face tracking cameras on the front of the phone. This is being referred to as ‘Dynamic Perspective’ and Amazon hopes it will make using maps more interactive, as well as making navigation easier while using the phone as it can be done without actually touching the screen.

The Fire Phone also utilises gesture controls to enable the user to change the perspective of an image displayed just by moving your head. Samsung have already released similar technology, but have in-fact found that not a huge percentage of users actually find it useful.


The handset itself will run Amazon’s own operating system with a quad-core chip and 2GB RAM. The basic version to be launched in the States on 25th July will offer 32GB and is priced reasonably at $199 (around £120), but is unlikely to hit the UK for some time. If previous estimates are anything to go by we might have to wait well over 12 months.

Rather unsurprisingly, the Fire Phone will also have features of other online services that Amazon provides, including the Mayday button and integration with the Cloud Drive. You’ll also be able to access Amazon’s Prime Music service through it, currently with over 1 million songs that can be either streamed or downloaded directly to the device.


For more information, checkout how the team at got on when they were given a sneak preview ahead of the official launch.