iOS 8 is Coming


With the usual thoroughfare we expect with an Apple event, it was announced this week that the anticipated iOS 8 operating system is coming this Autumn.

Apple have stated that it ‘is the biggest iOS release ever’ – a fairly bold statement but one that appears at this point to be entirely accurate.

They’ve added a suite of new features, which should please developers across the globe as it provides inspiration for a new wave of Apple apps that can benefit from the new enhancements across the iOS 8 operating software.

We’ll be taking a deep-dive into all of the new features of iOS 8 in the coming weeks, but in the meantime here are the key things you should know:

1) Apple is looking to take on the likes of WhatsApp and Snap Chat by introducing new message features, which enable you to send voice clips and videos with iMessage.

2) It will be easier to share photos between all of your Apple devices with the launch of the iCloud Photo Library. You’ll also be able to share apps between friends and family across up to six devices with the Family Sharing options.

3) More shortcuts will be integrated to make navigation quicker from your iPhone or iPad and responding to notifications easier.

4) A new iCloud Drive will enable you to instantly sync any file type between all devices so you can access them from anywhere (it looks like Apple are also looking to take on Google and the widely used Google Drive)

5) The keyboard has been re-designed for iOS 8 and will be smarter than ever, recognizing who you’re writing to so words suggested use the appropriate tone (looking forward to see this one and the recommended words for texting my family Vs friends – perhaps an insight into social groups!)

Overall it’s clear that Apple are keen not to lose any share to competitors by putting more of a focus on Cloud storage and interactivity through messages with iOS 8. One feature not in the list above is an emphasis on health tracking, which is set to become a booming market with more and more of us looking to use data to monitor our own health. More on this to come!