Get Beach Body Ready with Change4Life App


With millions of us set to jet off for some summer sun, many are hoping to shed a few pounds before leaving. Not necessarily to lose serious weight, just enough to allow for some extra that may be put on due to holiday buffets and a few evening cocktails.

The Change4Life Smart Recipes app is not a weight loss app, but it does encourage healthy eating and within the suggested recommended calorie intake.

This makes it perfect to help ensure you don’t put on any extra weight before your holiday, and to potentially help lose some as well. What’s more, you can also use it when you get back to get some healthy recipe inspiration (plus family).


Change4Life App Screenshot

Although there are multiple recipe apps in the App Stores, the Change4Life Smart Recipes app has always been one of our favourites (and previously written about briefly on due to the fact it’s free, is easy to use and also helps save money.


Change4Life App Meal Mixer ScreenshotAfter downloading the app you can view a range of recipes, sort by meal type (breakfast, lunch, dinner and pudding) and add any that take your fancy to a list of ‘Favourites’. If that’s too much work, there’s a helpful Meal Mixer tool to randomly pick different recipes for you to try.

Every recipe contacts the standard list of ingredients plus cooking method as you’d expect, but also the total calories per portion. Within a couple of taps you can add all the ingredients to a shopping list, which can then be emailed directly to you. Simple.

Unlike most traditional recipe books, the method usually consists of just a few lines so you can easily glance at your phone/tablet whilst cooking. Most also take under 30 minutes to cook (tried and tested by the team here so they’re not being overoptimistic with their timings!) so there’s no excuse for not having time.


So, if you want a way to have a more healthy lifestyle and reduce your calorie intake in time for the summer, try out the Change4Life Smart Recipes app and you won’t be disappointed.

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