Is the iCar Coming?


Over the last two weeks speculation has been mounting that Apple is aiming to shake up the car industry by designing and manufacturing it’s own range of cars.


Apple certainly has the funds, sitting on more cash than the net worth of General Motors and Ford combined. It also has a huge wealth of experiencing in outsourcing processes, with factories across Asia already manufacturing it’s consumer tech products.
The means it’s not beyond the realms of possibilities for Apple to call on the likes of a contract manufacturer to assemble the components.


Design-wise Apple isn’t known for producing ugly products – it’s gained a religion-like following due to the aesthetics and beauty of it’s products alone.


And distribution? Well not many companies have managed to ship out over a million products in a matter of weeks.


Apple has the skills, the in-house expertise and the money to really make a move if it wants to. It won’t be aiming for mass market and it won’t need to – it has an enviable fan base and just tapping into the early adopters within it will create enough of a buzz to help it slowly gain share like it did against the might of Microsoft.


The question isn’t will the iCar come, the question is when it will come and exactly what incarnation will it take. Our bet is going down the electrical car route, packed full of tech and off course with an abundance of apps to make driving even more enjoyable.


Either way, we can’t wait for more news and to see if the rumours are true. This could be the biggest shake up in decades.