Apple Watch Launched – Your Questions Answered


Yesterday saw Apple hold another of their Keynote events, this time revealing to the world more information about the much anticipated Apple Watch (previously expected to be called the iWatch). It was an event tech-lovers around the world have been waiting for and on the commercial side, this could help to propel Apple to become a trillion dollar company.


So as promised, here’s everything you need to know about the Apple Watch:


When will it be released in the UK?

Apple will start taking pre-orders in the UK from the 10th April 2015, with the first shipments due two weeks later on the 24th April.


How much will it cost?

Prices range from a modest £299 up to an eye-watering £13,500.


How many models are available?

In total there will be 38 models for you to choose from across 3 different categories: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition (which includes the more expensive models).

There is also a choice of two screen sizes – 1.5inch and 1.7inch.

Specifications remain the same across all models – the main differences are to the strap design and some components of the case itself.


How long will the battery last?

Apple claim the battery should last around 18 hours, which means you should only have to charge it once per day (preferably while you sleep!). Apple have also announced that there is a backup battery so that the clock continues to function.


What can the Watch do?

Apple announced at the event that thousands of apps have already been developed for the Apple Watch. Facebook, Instagram, Uber and WeChat have all confirmed that they’ve already developed software specifically for the Apple Watch.

Apple were also keen to point out some of the other functionalities the watch offers, including using it as a touchless payment system, unlocking hotel rooms with it instead of using a key card and operating internet-connected devices with it.

The primary difference compared to a smartphone is that it also offers a huge amount of tracking capabilities, including your daily movements so you can monitor calories burned, distance covered etc.



Watch the official Apple Watch Trailer below: