MSpy, Spy on your kids, employees, anyone?

  • November 28, 2013

MSpy, is an app for Android, iPhone, windows and BlackBerry platforms that allows you to view pretty much all the activity that takes place on the device on which it is installed. The app is targeted at the worried parent and the worried business owner.

MSpy features

Using your MSpy dashboard you can view an impressive amount of data on the device, from phone call logs, texts messages, read incoming and outgoing messages and view browsing history.

You can also record incoming and outgoing phone calls, block websites and app usage, view images and even wipe the data completely.

Isn’t this a bit intrusive?

There is a disclaimer on the MSpy website that states that if this app is installed on a device then the user must be informed of it, but this would surely be contradictory to actually installing the app in the first place, as wouldn’t the reason you would install it be because you wanted to catch someone doing bad things rather than prevent them, or make them aware that you suspected them?

Careful what you say at work!

One of the most worrying things about this app is it can turn the device it is installed on into a bugging tool, recording its surroundings, so be careful who you tell about that job interview you are going for.

Legitamate uses

There are of course legitimate uses for this app, like monitoring your children’s behavior, and making sure employees do not miss-using their work phones, and as long as the person/s are informed that the app is installed on their device and what it is capable of doing, I am pretty sure it will work as desired, but is it really necessary to be able to bug the surroundings of the user or log keystrokes?

How much is MSpy

MSpy seems like a great app if you want to spy on people, perfect in fact, but i feel it’s price tag rules out it’s proposed legitimate uses, with a contract ranging from $39.99 per month for the basic package, up to $799 per year for the Business package.

MSpy claims it does not store any of the information that the app collects.

You can get MSpy from their website