50 Apps to Track Everything



2015 is set to be the year of the health activity trackers since Apple pushed out the Health Kit on iPhones in 2014.

This is just another facet of our lives that can be tracked and nothing shows it better than the great infographic below produced by the guys at one of the UK’s largest voucher code apps, vouchercloud. Showing the Top 50 apps to track everything, it should be your go-to guide before hitting the Apple App Store.


We asked their MD, Matthew Wood, for his Top 5 picks from the list:

“Obviously our bread and butter is saving money, so aside from the vouchercloud app, an app like Goodbudget, which allows you to quickly and simply track your expenditure, is always a winner.

Trov is also an interesting concept, as very few people typically have a measure of their net worth. It’s easy to forget that all your belongings, clothes, tools and hobbies at home technically add value to your life, and when adding them all up the results can be very surprising!

An app that people seem to feel sceptical about is Sleepcycle, but the vouchercloud team have heard good things about it. It does seem strange that simply leaving your mobile on your bed can measure the quality and duration of your sleep, but try it before you doubt it!

Something slightly more fun is Last.fm, and enabling on your iPod, phone and computer allows you to track all your music habits, even on the likes of Spotify. That way, the app allows you to find out information on your favourite brands, share your music tastes with your friends, and enjoy all the graphs and charts created by your listens. If you aren’t sure who your ‘favourite’ band is, this is a neat way to find out.

My final pick would be Rescue Time, given that it’s great for working out where your time goes during the working day. Even if you aren’t a procrastinator, seeing how often you spend on various tasks during your working day can be enlightening, and really boost your productivity.”


50 apps to track everything