InCommon App Launches in UK


March 1st 2015 saw the launch of a new matching app in the UK app store, InCommon.

Unlike many other matching/dating apps the InCommon app is completely free to download (which already scores extra brownie points) and has a beautifully designed interface.

However, InCommon isn’t really focused on helping to introduce potential romantic matches. Instead it’s aiming to help match potential friends by connecting people with similar interests.

After registering with the app via your Google or Facebook account you can create a profile and select your interests from over 120 listed (ranging from sports to popular culture).

InCommon App ScreenshotYou’ll then be matched to other users based on your interests and if you’re unlucky enough not to get a match, there’s an additional search option so you can find other users by individual interests, with filtering options so you don’t get matched with a granny living the other side of the UK.

Once you’ve found your match there’s the option to private message directly within the InCommon app.

It’s an interesting idea, especially for people moving to new areas of the UK looking to build up a network of new friends. The fact that it’s free also makes it worth a try – just don’t expect anything more than friendship!

Download the InCommon app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play.