Asphalt 7 Heat for iPhone and iPad

  • June 22, 2012

Asphalt 7 heat for iPhone and iPAdAsphalt 7 Heat is now available at the App Store for £0.69 and is already getting great reviews.

The graphics are outstanding for a game for this price and although the gameplay is very similar to its predecessor there are added social features, like the new Asphalt tracker where you you can compare stats and challenge your rivals, and there are some special events to really test your driving skills.

There are 15 tracks and a total of 60 different cars from manufacturers like Ferrari, Aston Martin and even the legendary DeLorean car from the Back to The Future films.

The multiplayer mode has had a revamp with the option to challenge up to 5 friends (or enemies) online.

The app is available for both the iPhone and Ipad

Asphalt 7 Heat Video