Smartglass, sounds smart but what is it?

  • June 19, 2012

xbox smartglass appSo what does the Smartglass app do?
To put it simply it turns your smartphone into another screen for your TV, and it turns your smartphone into a remote control, oh and it can act as a second control panel for playing games…

So to put it simply (again) it forms a type of ecosystem that binds all your digital content which can migrate from one platform to the next, for example you can start watching a movie on your XBOX, then finish watching it on your tablet or smartphone, or use your smartphone to make a strategic move in an XBOX game which will then be executed in the game on your tv or monitor.

Currently you have to have an XBOX plugged into your TV, with an XBOX live account to use it, but the great thing is that this technology will be available to all OS’s including Android smartphones and tablet, and Iphone and iPad.

Maybe Apple could learn a thing or two from microsoft and stop locking down their content to apple products only?