BlackBerry News Round-up

  • October 20, 2012

All the latest news from the RIM camp including PlayBook police, BlackBerry bashing and Black sheep!

BB10 Music Store

Blackberry have teamed up with 7 Digital to power the new BlackBerry 10 music store, BlackBerry 10 Music Store will allow you to download over 22 million songs from the 7Digital catalogue with some smart new features promised.

Its official

A selection of Toronto’s key government officials will get a sneak preview of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, politicians have always been avid users of BlackBerry devices due to the impressive encryption system which helps to protect confidential and sensitive information.

PlayBook Police!

Sussex police are trialing the use of PlayBooks to help them fight crime, with the Welsh police force waiting on the results before potentialy adopting the system.

Specific apps will be created especially for the Police force to aid in the recognition and capture of criminals.

BlackBerry Sheep?

RIM boss Thorsten Heins has come out this week saying that BlackBerry users choose to be the Black Sheep of Mobile device users, they are embracing the spirit of the underdog and do not want to be Apple fan boys, or Android Driods.

He has also criticised the New York Times for BlackBerry bashing when it printed interviews with disgruntled BlackBerry users asking them if they were embarrased to be seen using their device, he complained that the article was not balanced.