BlackBerry Roadmap Leak!

  • July 3, 2012

BlackBerry Roadmap leakThere was more leakage today from the RIM camp, and it’s a biggie!

With all the negative news from RIM over the last couple of weeks the leaked roadmap at least sheds some light on BlackBerry’s ambitions in the coming 12 months.

For one thing, it seems that they are going nowhere, with all the talk of BlackBerry being ‘squashed’ by it’s competitors, RIM seem to have a solid but somewhat sparce roadmap for 2013.

The sparcity indicates that gone are the 10’s of phone releases per year of the past, to be replaced by a more focused 4-6 devices, in fact the roadmap probably resembles a roadmap from Apple as opposed to HTC or Samsung, or the previous years of BlackBerry.

So it looks like all that will be happening this year is the lauch of a 4G PlayBook, with 2013 getting exiting with the Launch of the first BB10 full touch phone, the London, and a QWERTY keyboarded device called the Nevada, these are rumoured to be release in Europe first.

Later in the year there are mentions od two other devices, the Nashville, and the Naples, with the interesting inclusionn of a new PlayBook,  Blackforest 128, this hints at a 128GB PlayBook, and judging from the leaked image it looks a few inches larger than the 4G PlayBook.

I think this is positive news for RIM, and think that the much maligned delay to BB10 Phones means that BlackBerry are trying to get it right this time, and let’s face it, it might be their last chance.