Blackberry 10 leaked slide image

  • June 25, 2012

It’s not just HTC that are ‘leaking’ news about new phones, someone has leaked what looks like a presentation slide of two new BlackBerry 10 devices, the N-Series (previously codenamed Nevada) and the L-Series (previously codenamed London).

Blackberr 10 phone leaked image

Slide image first obtained by

The guys over at N4BB somehow got hold of this image which show some specs, some casing and UI Layouts.

There are some basic known specs regarding the screen.



The N-Series Blackberry 10:

-720×720 screen resolution
-52-53mm Wide screen
-330 ppi

The L-Series Blackberry 10:

-768×1280 screen resolution
-55mm wide*
-356 PPI

The L Series will be a full touch phone with no physical keyboard, where the N-Series will have a physical keyboard, so they are trying to keep all there current users happy.

The screen quality of the Dev devices that were given out to developers was said to be pretty amazing, as good as if not better than the iPhone 4s Retina display, and these are thought to be the screens that will end up on the L-Series phones.

The L-Series is rumoured for release in September, with the N-Series following in early 2013.

BlackBerry sell off rumours

The rumours about Blackberry selling of the handset devision of the company have apparently been quashed by a source at RIM, the source said the rumours were short sighted and un-true.