Firefox For Android – New look, new browser

  • June 26, 2012

Firefox androidMozzilla have released a new version of the Firefox browser for android.

They originaly launched Firefox for Android back in march but quickly declared that they were not happy with the way it was performing, one of the major issues was lag, the other was the lack of flash support so they immediately started work on a brand new version completely re-writing the native UI.

The re-write took 4 months and now the new Firfox for android (Version 14) is ready, and this time they are happy with it.

The new version supports flash and tap-to-play for plugins, which allows a site to load with a tappable icon for playing the flash content, this enables faster page loading and reduced bandwidth.

There is also full HTML5 and CSS3 support, intelligent sync’ing, tabs for easy site switching and a brand new homescreen UI.

Learn more about Firefox for Android.

Download Firefox for Android from Google Play