iPhone 5 19-pin connector could make accessories obselete

  • June 23, 2012

iPhone 5 connector could make chargers and docks obseleteRumours are surfacing, (It has been reported in the Metro newspaper) that the 19-pin connector, rumoured to be fitted to the iPhone 5 will make current iPhone chargers, docks and relevant accesories obselete!

The populare online magazine Tech Crunch have confirmed they have had confirmation that the 19-pin connecter is in production for the iPhone 5, this would undoubtedly make most if not all of the accessories bought for previous version of the iPhone useless, including chargers, docking stations, speakers.

iPhone anxiety

There predictably is alot of anxiety with customers that own alot of iPhone peripherals and accessories, and more so for manufacturers of iPhone accessories that could possibly be left with thousands of pounds worth of stock which would not be compatable with the new iPhone 5.

Some are saying that this is typical of Apple, who are almost arrogantly confident that iPhone fans will still buy the new iPhone 5 even if this is the case, and they may be right?, the iPhone is probably the single most, affordable luxury gadget in the world today, probably closely followed by the iPad.

But there is of course there is a chance that this could affect the sales of the new iPhone 5, with customers shunning it and opting to stick with thier iPhone 4 which means they can still use all the expensive accessories, or god forbid, they may switch to Android or a new Windows 8 phone.

So why are they changing to the 19-pin connector?

Well it seems mainly for space saving inside the iPhone casing, some say so they can fit larger speakers to the bottom of the device to give a better sound, it is also said that the 19-pin connector will make the connection between the phone and othe devices and accessories more stable.

Of course an adapter may well be included with the iPhone 5 which would be the obvious thing for Apple to do, but let’s wait and see….