Olympic Games apps – Apps for the Olympics

  • June 23, 2012

Apps for the London Olympics 2012With Just over 1 month until the beggining of the Olympic Games exitement is rising, well it will do once Euro 2012 has finished.

But what if you didn’t get a ticket and want to soak up the atmosphere and keep up to date with all the scores, track times, distances and knockouts?

Well as with any major event there is an app or few to fill the void for the unlucky millions that can’t be there.

There is the tube train survival game where you have to survive temperatures of 45c in a virtual sardine can trying to read a tube map without digging your elbows into a pregnant woman who was just came off second best in the ‘get a seat on a tube train’ event by a well dressed business man…..


What Olympic Games apps are available

Here is a list of the real currrently available Olympic Games apps

First off there is the Official Olympic and Paralympic app (Available for iPhone, iPad, Android)  Price:Free

Key features include:

– Full up to date event listings
– All the information on the events and activities that surround the Olympic Games such as cultural events and big screen locations.
– Travel information and route planner
– Seating Map
– Augmented reality, use your smartphone camera to view overlays of the key venues
– + much more

Next it’s the Olympc 2012 (Available for Android) Price:Free

Key features include:

– Detailed information about Olympic 2012.
– Medal tally updates along with countdown ticker. Touch on the country to find out participation details.
– Detailed schedule based of selected sport.
– Information about Olympics venues. Long press on venue picture to find out details about sports being played on that venue.
– Latest news about Olympic 2012.
– Easy access to fixtures details based on date selected.
– Set reminder for favorite olympic event.

Next it’s Olympic Games Sports (Available for iPhone, iPad, iPhone touch) Price:£0.69

Key features include:

– Add all your favourite sporting event from the games to your native calender
– Add sport by Type, Gender, Venue, event type.

Finaly it’s The Ultimate 2012 Olympic Guide (Available for iPad, Android Tablets) Price:£0.83

Key features Include:

– 148 page Magbook covering all 39 diciplines
– Athlete profiles
– Interviews with Olympic legends
– Interactive Olympic Schedule
– Facts, figure, and detailed information about the games
– Venue guides
– And more.