Galaxy S3 – Free app to convert files from iPhone

  • June 23, 2012

Samsung are going to offer potential purchasers of the Galaxy S3 in the UK a free app to help them convert all their iPhone files to Samsung S3 compatable files.

Moving data from one device to another can be tiresome even for the tech savvy, so to help out with the transition between devices that Samsung are obviously hoping for, they are eager to assist in helping convince buyers that the ‘change’ will not be too painful.

How will the iphone to Galaxy S3 file converter work?

The application named Easy Phone Sync, will use iTunes to backup and copy over all of your data, messages, contacts, messages and DRM free music and video files to your Galaxy S3.

It works in two parts, with one running on your S3 and another running on your PC or Mac using itunes as mentioned previously,and once the appp is running you can continue using itunes to manage your media.

Samsung have struck a deal with the app developer, Media Mushroom, to provide the app free for Samsung Galaxy device users in the UK.