That’s It app hits the AppStore – a challenger to Draw Something?


If you’re an avid fan of the Draw Something app and love challenging your friends to a dual, the newly launched ‘That’s It’ app should be at the top of your hitlist. We caught up with the Founder, Brad O’Brien to get some insight into the idea behind the app.

In one sentence, how would you describe how That’s It works?

That’s It is a social media hidden picture game with two different modes which appeal to two different types of users; one allowing the sharing of personal photos and the other a competitive point scoring game played against others.

Can multiple friends be invited to play along or is it limited to 2 players?

Currently both ‘Friends Play’ and “Category Play’ are played between 2 players either using personal pictures or pre-defined picture categories. However, after receiving feedback and suggestions from our users we are planning to introduce a new feature in the coming weeks, allowing players to send their personal pictures to multiple friends at once.


How did the idea for the app come about and how long has it been in development?

The idea came about after the success of the Pictionary style game ‘Draw Something’ that was released and was a huge success in 2012. At the time there were no picture guessing games about and therefore I adapted the social round by round style of game of ‘Draw Something’ into a hidden photo guessing game. At first, the idea was for players to only use their own pictures (from either their Facebook, Instagram, dropbox, camera/photoroll) but during development we saw the opportunity to additionally include another separate mode ‘Category Play’, which is now an addictive competitive point scoring game played alone, with friends or random people using pre-defined picture categories including sports, travel, history, music artists, countries, entertainment and more.

The app has been in development for 14 months and since then similar photo guessing games to our mode ‘Category Play’ of That’s It have been released on the market. However, none of the photo guessing games can be played with other people, are point based, nor include the vast amount of picture categories that we have available, including over 100 categories and 3000 images. There is a photo category for everyone and the greatest appeal of this is that you play against others!

‘Friends Play’ however gives users a different take on photo sharing apps like ‘Snapchat’ but in a sort of game. The photos shared are not limited to only those taken with a smartphone right there and then but allow users to use photos from anywhere!


What’s the response been like since That’s It launched in terms of downloads and reviews?

We have users in 48 different countries and reached four figures in downloads in just over a week. Reviews have all been positive and we have also received a lot of feedback and suggestions from our users on how to improve the app.

We are using these first weeks to test the water and tweak a few things before employing a greater marketing and promotional plan worldwide.


What are your top tips for players on getting the most out of the app?

Well what we have seen for example since the release is the popularity of users digging out old photographs from years ago of them with their friends or family that neither party may have seen for some time which is then sent and shared with a friend.

Everyone enjoys reminiscing about old times and ‘That’s It’ allows people to share any photo they may have with their mates in a fun and new way!

‘Category Play’ is for the more competitive natured people out there, with a world leaderboard for top players and also for each individual category of pictures, get playing to get your name to the top!


Are there any other apps in the pipeline we should watch out for?

We already have a number of new features in the pipeline to be introduced in the coming weeks after listening to the feedback and suggestions of our users.

We are also looking for and in discussion with a number of third parties to release further ‘That’s It’ apps that are tailored to more specific audiences for ‘Category Mode’. This would be mean, for example, individual Sports or Organisations that have multiple picture categories for say different teams, legends, eras and weekly picture games.


The That’s It app is now available to download for FREE from the Apple App Store or Google Play