The Peach App – It’s All About The Magic Words



Over the last couple of weeks the internet has been in somewhat of a mini frenzy over the launch of a new app called Peach. Nearly as quickly as it rose up the app charts it then dropped. User fatigue or the fate of an app propped up by overhyped buzz?


The Peach app was launched on 31st December 2015 by serial entrepreneur and the brains behind Vine, Dom Hoffman. Positioned as a new social networking app, it immediately appealed to techies due to its use of ‘magic words’ (text commands).


The magic words can be used to show include a particular action within your posted message – for example a gif to show your horrendous hangover or an emoticon. This saves you having to search through hundreds of images and makes expressive visual messaging much quicker.


One of the simplest features can be accessed via the magic word ‘draw’, which then displays a panel where you can have a doodle and post the result.


It’s a neat idea and in the longer term these magic words could be incredibly useful across other networks if there were incorporated. The battle for the Peach app now is to make a brand out of the ‘Magic Word’ phrase, so a large tech company like Twitter decides to snap the company up in an attempt to bring something fresh to their own platform.


We don’t know at this point exactly how long the Peach app is likely to stick around. Other apps such as Ello and Yo, which have also tried to make in-roads in the social networking space have suffered badly. What we do know is Peach is a nifty little (free) app that’s well worth trying for yourself.


You’ll quickly become hooked on the magic words, trying different combinations to see the result and becoming a master of text commands. It may just be your first mini introduction into coding and a throwback to those days of having to use the ‘RUN’ command every time you started up your PC!


Download the Peach app for free today at the Apple App Store and give it a road test with your friends.