Windows 8 – $100 per app to encourage devs

  • March 21, 2013

Windows are offering app developers $100 per app to try to encourage them to develop apps for the Windows 8 OS, developers can receive a maximum of $2000 , so potentially they can submit 20 apps each, 10 to the Windows Phone store and 10 to the Windows 8 Store

The apps must conform to windows specifications and have to serve a specific purpose, whether it be a game or app, it must be of a certain quality.


Paying developers to create apps is a sure sign of desperation, BlackBerry did the same thing to encourage developers to develop for the new OS 10, to guarantee that a decent amount of apps would be available at launch, and it seems to have paid off with a reported 1000 apps per day being submitted to BlackBerry World.

With app subbmissions at just 4000 per month to the Windows Store it is no surprise that Windows are doing the same, but it is a good business model?

It’s a short term solution that will  artificially prop up the platform, developers have got to have confidence in the OS that they are developing for, and want to develop for the platform, paying them to do so may encourage low quality apps being accepted just to bolster the numbers.

How do I submit my app?

The offer is open to the first 10,000 accepted apps, or until the end of the offer period which is 30th June.

To take part in this offer you can submit your apps here