The Particles – A journey through Particle Physics

  • March 13, 2013

Tomorrow March 14th sees the release of a brand new app for Windows 8 devices and iPad called The Particles.

What is The Particles app?

The Particles takes you on an educational journey through the world of particle physics without having to read countless thick volumes of text books on the subject.

The app includes videos, images and a wealth of useful information on the 5 families of subatomic particles, including leptons, quarks and bosons.

Learn about the now famous Higgs Boson particle, thought to be the missing piece in the puzzle in the standard model of physics.

the-particles-inpageIs the Particles app information reliable?

The Particles app has been developed by The Science Photo Library in partnership with leading physicist Professor Frank Close, so you can be asssured that the information in the app is accurate. The app has evolved from ‘The Particle Odyssey’ a book written by Frank Close, Michael Marten and Christine Sutton.

Professor Frank Close recently commented on the app saying “I have written a number of books on particle physics in my career and thought it was about time we bought the information into the twenty-first century by making it available on portable devices through an app

The Particles app is intended as a resource for all people wanting to gain some knowledge of particle physics, whether it be for educational purposes or just out of curiosity.

The app will be availble from the 14th March for Windows 8 devices from the Windows Store for a price of £5.99

Or for the iPad from the Appstore, also at a cost of £5.99