Apps that save lives

  • June 19, 2012

Apps that could save your lifeLet’s face it there are alot of useless apps out there, you download them on to your device only to remove them 5 minutes later, sometimes you can go on an app hunt spending hours trying to find a new app to install on your phone..”I have a smartphone so I want apps, otherwise whats the point” you might find yourself thinking, or even saying!

Well there are some apps out there that that you might want to free a little space on your memory card for as they might end up saving your life.

Give me some examples of some good medical apps

Well currently available is an app for allergy sufferers that scans bar codes on products callled Scan Avert and warns them if there are any ingredients that might have an adverse effect on their health, a diabetes app from Diabetes UK that reminds sufferes to check their blood sugar and prompts them to take their medication, information stored by the app can even be sent electronically to the patients clinic or practice.

A new app on the market called Rapid Rescue (Singapore only)  holds information of 12,000 first aiders in Singapore, then in the event of an accident or emergency anyone who has the app installed on their iPhone can send out a message to all registered first aiders within a 2k radius, the app then alerts the first aiders, maps out the quickest route to get to them then reassures the person in need of help that help is on its way.

Medical apps for the professionals

Demand for apps that allow doctors and physicians to quickly monitor vital signs remotely, check blood sugar or check cardiogram results are in high demand as hospitals and private practices try to control their budgets, investment in companies that make health information apps rose 78% in the US in 2011 to a figure of $766 millon, with Oprah Winfrey even getting involved investing in a website that helps doctor and patient interact.