Crowd Funding for Smart Alert – An Emergency Response App


*UPDATE: 14th October 2014*

Dan and his team have managed to get the Smart Alert app launched and it’s available to download for free on the Apple App Store


We were recently contacted by Dan Grech, founder of ZingApps, about a new project his company are working on to help get the medical assistance required to stroke victims to them as quickly as possible. Any medical apps that can help save lives always excite us, as this is where smartphones can come into their element and make a real change for good.

The idea itself is simple – use smartphone technology to provide a check up function to make sure that the user is responsive. This is done via the in-built movement sensor in the phone, which will send a notification that the user has to respond to if no movement has been picked up in a set amount of time. There’s also an additional panic button that will send a pre-written text to a family member or carer.

This will all be done within an app (Smart Alert), offering huge cost savings compared to other emergency response alert systems and alarms on the market.

Due to the development costs involved in creating such an app, Dan is using crowdfunding to finance the initial launch version. The total amount needed is £4,500 and backers have already pledged over £700 towards this target. You can personally help to get this idea off the ground by making a pledge directly on the IndieGoGo Crowding Funding page.

If the £4,500 target is met, Dan hopes to roll out further features in future versions, together with other wearable items that can assist in getting medical attention to people who need it and without any delays.

Dan told us that he’s been “…extremely humbled by the response that I’ve had from charities and stroke survivor groups who are praising this idea. It appears that there’s a real lack of accessible personal alarms on the market that do not cost a huge amount of money. I look forward to completing the funding for this campaign and giving so many more people the security that they deserve without the cost“.