Passbook apps hit App Store

  • September 26, 2012

Looks like Apple are quickly promoting their Passbook payment functionality by adding 6 Passbook compatible Apps to their App store.

Apple’s IO6 OS and the iPhone 5 does not have NFC (Near Feild Communication) which is fast becoming the industry standard for mobile payments, instead opting for it’s own payment method, Passbook.

The six new compatible apps are:Apple Passbook

  • Fandango Movie – Times & Tickets
  • Live Nation
  • TicketMaster
  • At Bat
  • Sephora to Go
  • Walgreens
  • Lufthansa

Is Passbook any good?

Well it is getting alot of criticism from users and critics alike, with many saying it just doesn’t work and others saying it is very buggy, poorly designed and a bit of a pain to set up.
It also looks like Passbook hasn’t been design to utilise the 4″ iPhone 5 screen with black bars top and bottom and the content in the middle.

MSN money went as far as to give it’s review this headline “Apple’s Passbook app: rubbish mobile wallet for your iPhone”.

Is Apple the old Microsoft?

It seems that Apple is again shunning the popular proven solutions to promote it’s own products, even if they are inferior, they have done this by leaving Google maps off of the Iphone 5 and IOS 6, and it seems they are doing the same by choosing to use their own payment system rather than adopt the proven reliable NFC technology.

This type of behaviour is something that Microsoft did 10-15 years ago.

What do you think?