Essential BlackBerry 10 apps

  • March 3, 2013

With the launch of the the first BlackBerry 10 device, the BlackBerry Z10 just over 1 month ago, we check out what notable apps are available for the new BB10 OS.

BlackBerry 10 apps

The amount, or lack of BlackBerry apps has always been a sticking point with potential BlackBerry purchasers, but with the launch of the new OS BlackBerry 10 the world was promised that this would all change.

RIM (BlackBerry) pumped a lot of cash into insuring that app developers built apps for BB10, with cash incentives and promises of high BB10 device adoptions figures.

So what ‘great’ new apps have been developed for the flagship device, the BlackBerry Z10?

One of the newest is

Super Stickman Golf app

Super Stickman Golf

OS: BlackBerry 10
Price: $2.99

With an expensive price tag (for an app) this game from the ever popular ‘Stickman’ series comes to the Z10, and it is already getting great reviews on BlackBerry World (only 7 as I write this, but all 5 stars).

You navigate your stickman golfer around a mazing golf course gathering power-ups to help you complete a staggering 250 unique holes, with great game-play and game options such as the Super Stickman Golf world tour and scoreloop challenges you might find yourself spending as much time on this game as it would take to play a real 18 holes!


Shine Runner app

Shine Runner

OS : BlackBerry 10
Price :$0.99

Drive your swamp craft down crazy destructible rivers and swamps peddling your home made moonshine and tobacco, this may not be the most ethical of games but with ultra realistic boat graphics, highly detailed graphics and silky smooth game-play this is definitely one of the best games ever available on a BlackBerry device.


Feather Duster app

Feather Duster

OS :BlackBerry 10
Price :Free

A strange an interesting app, Feather Duster graphically displays relationships between search terms using interactive filters using common terms within the tweet, this creates a visual galaxy  of the tweets.

whats the point in this you might say, well for one it looks nice but it can also serve a purpose, trend analysis being one of them, one reviewer says that they use it to analyse positive or negative sentiment whilst trading in shares!


NodeBeat app


OS :BlackBerry 10
Price :$0.99

This award winning music creation app is new for BlackBerry users, but has been around for a while and is very popular with all age groups.
With 20 music scales, 12 musical key signatures and a 12 octave range you can create intuitive music wherever you are.

There are preset arrangement layouts to help you get started or you can just sit back and let NodeBeat generate its own music, either way making music has never been more fun on a BlackBerry.