Maluuba – Siri but better?

  • March 1, 2013

Maluuba, a Siri like, voice powered personal assistant is now available for windows 8 devices and promises exact results for over 25 categories.

What is Maluuba?

Maluuba is a voice activate personal assistant app which up until now was only available for Android devices,it is partnered with top content providers Yelp, Eventful and Wolfram Alpha.

The Android app received good reviews from customers, most praising it’s accurate results, ease of use and customer support, this prompted its developers to expand to the windows platform citing it’s growing user base and innovative developer tools. This has them to utilize Windows 8 live tiles feature, this means Windows 8 users can add Maluuba results as a live tile direct to their start screen.

Another feature of the Windows 8 version of Maluuba is that it will speak the results to you as you use it.

Other Maluuba features:

– Restaurants, movies, events and businesses search
– Alarms, reminders and calendar scheduling
– Calling, texting and emailing
– Directions and Weather search
– Online shopping
– Knowledge and Web Search
– Outlook calendar integration
– Live tiles (pin ‘Explore’ domains or results from Shopping, Movies and Events)

You can get Maluuba FREE from the Windows app store now.