First BlackBerry 10 will not have physical keyboard

  • June 21, 2012

blackBerry 10 intelligent keyboardA spokesperson for RIM (BlackBerry) has confirmed this evening that the first BlackBerry 10 device will not have a physical keyboard.

So what I hear you say…well I tend to agree, what’s the big fuss, most smartphones do not have a physical keyboard,?..well probably because BlackBerry has partly built it’s business on two major factors.

1. BBM, Blackberry’s messenger service
2. A physical QWERTY keyboard.

No physical keyboard, risky?

This could be risky for the Canadian company whom many are writing off already (it’s a fickle world out there) but from what I have read, and seen so far the new ‘intelligent’ touchscreen keyboard looks pretty bloody nifty.

With it’s fat fingers correctional ability, the throw a word function and it’s innovative delete a word action (To delete your last word you simply swipe the screen to the left), I reckon RIM might well have created something that other might want to copy again? Check out the video in the side bar.

For the dedicated phyical keyboard enthusiasts, BlackBerry have said future devices will have a physical keyboard, sooner rather than later I bet if the new touchscren one is a flop, but I am optimistic about the BlackBerry 10, and rather exited to see one, and hey, I have never owned a Blackberry phone, but this might change in the near future.