Is the iPhone 5 scared of the Galaxy S3?

  • June 21, 2012

I know that’s an iPhone 4 in the photo!

I can hear the Apple fan boys (and Girls) laughiing at this suggestion, and I would have thought the same a few days ago, why should Apple be scared of a Samsung phone?…Let’s face it, Apple have nearly 30% market share in the UK (figures from Jan 2012) against Android’s 36%.

Hang on you say, Android have more market share!

Correct, Android phones do have a larger market share but Apple only make one Phone, the iPhone, ok there are a few versions of it but lets face it, most upgrade to the latest version when their contracts expire, Android phones must number hundreds if not thousands of different versions.

An example of another market where this would seem visibly more impressive would be in the motor trade, imagine if the BMW 6 Series M3 (A car comparable with the iPhone 4s?) had a 33% market share of all cars on the road, that’s 1 in 3 cars would be a BMW 6 series M3, it would be an impressive acheivement by BMW dont you think?

So why do I question whether Apple are scared of the Galaxy S3?

Well…in my search for information to keep this site up to date with the latest app news, I have come across article after article about how the iPhone 5 is going to “blow the Galaxy S3 away”, how it will “put the Galaxy S3 to shame”, how it will “destroy the S3 when it is released”, and get this, “the iPhone5 will be a Galaxy S3 killer!” .This sort of statement I thought was reserved for Android fans, not iPhone fans?


Will the iPhone 5 will be impressive?, yes,  will it be better than the Galaxy S3?, iphone fans will obviuosly say yes, where Android fans will say no (maybe with gritted teeth).

The point is, like two boxers before a punch has even been thrown, there is alot of fighting talk, and bold statements flying about, all for a phone that nobody has even seen or got there hands on yet?…