Freeletics – a fitness app for all


With (literally) thousands of fitness apps on the app stores, it’s often hard to know where to start.


Then there’s the dilemma or whether you’ll then need to go out and buy a bit of tech (fitness trackers being most common) needed for the app to ACTUALLY work.


The Freeletics app aims to remove this dilemma by making it easy to train just with what you’ve got – your own bodyweight.


This means you can train anywhere and anytime (definitely not an app for anyone prevalent to making excuses for not being able to train!), based on what your goal is.


It’s perfect for both beginners and the more advanced athletes/body toners amongst you as the training schedules can be easily customized. The workouts have all been developed by scientists and athletes so it’s not like having your mate recommended a few ideas for squats.


Then after you’ve got going, the Freeletics app helps to keep those motivation levels up by connecting you with over 6 million people using the platform. With just a couple of clicks you can find, add and track friends and other followers, as well as post your own comments to motivate others yourself.


This community element is a vital component – motivation is usually the first thing to go in the early stages of starting a new workout programme so the stronger the community at your disposal, the more likely it is that you will actually reach your goals.


Visually it’s been beautifully designed with an uncluttered interface, making it easy to glance at the app during your workout as well as keeping track of your progress.


You can start with a free download of the Freeletics app on the Apple App Store or Google Play, and then upgrade to a subscription if you feel you need access to more features. The free version comes packed with everything need to start training with your own bodyweight so give it a try first.


The subscriptions offer further nutritional advice, alongside training plans so you can reach your goals faster.


If you’re feeling really competitive you can also get your friends to sign up and compete directly with them – probably best to give yourself a head start first!