Pro Builder App Launches


Last week saw the launch of the Pro Builder app, helping both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts alike to calculate all materials needed to complete a job.


In total over 1800 different materials are included within the app’s database, all of which are link to the calculators so it’s easy to see how much you need as well as what materials you need. As it’s been specifically designed for the UK, all measurements are metric.


Likely to appeal mainly to professionals, it is also useful for larger projects you’re aiming to tackle around the house before the end of the Summer – whether it’s re-pointing a garden wall or laying a new wooden floor.


The Pro Builder app also features a simple shopping list so you’ve got everything to hand when you visit your local DIY store. This is also directly synced to the calculators and can be emailed to you separately if preferred.


One frustration is that you do have to create a user account before you can access the calculators and other features. It could also benefit from some guides on tackling certain jobs if the app is really aiming to appeal to non-professionals.


However, for professional trades including bricklayers, decorators, electricians and plumbers the Pro Builder app is likely to be an extremely useful bit of kit to save time, especially when quoting for new work. By calculating the exact amount of materials required it’ll also help to reduce your wastage, and therefore cost in the process.


Try the Pro Builder app with a free download from the Apple App Store and if you’re then craving more features there’s an advanced version available for £4.49.