Gorilla Glass screen protector

  • November 26, 2013

California based tech accessories company Armorz have just announced a Gorilla Glass screen protector!

My device already has Gorilla Glass?

But my device has Gorilla Glass, so I don’t need to worry about scratches or breakages do I?

My Nexus 4 has Gorilla Glass and I am afraid to say it has quite a few scratches on the screen, despite me keeping it in a flip case pretty much all the time, then again ever since I stuck Minion rush on it I rarely see the bloody thing, so god knows what the kids are doing with it?

So now you will be able to stick an extra layer, 0.4mm to be exact, of tempered Gorilla Glass screen protector to the front of your device (currently only available for the iPad Air & iPad Mini) to stop this happening and protect that lovely shiny unscratchable screen.

With an oleophobic coating helping to prevent finger marks and smudging, and 9H hardness the company say that it is the first screen protector to be made out of the material.

What’s the damage?

Well none?…oh I see, well quite a bit actually, the protectors are retailing at $89 for the iPad air version and $69 for the iPad mini version!…yes, that is not a smudge on your screen, they are the prices.

Now, I know the Apple products mentioned are expensive pieces of kit, but for me this is a little extreme for the average user, ok if you are using your device on a building site, or on a mountaineering expedition, then maybe the extra protection might come in handy, but for most people just surfing between Facebook, NetFlix and Amazon, unless you are prone to passing out and landing on your iPad with your teeth I think a $5 screen protector with suffice.