Invstr App Gets Major Overhaul



Invstr, the social network for finance, has launched a major overhaul of its app originally released in 2014.

Racking up an impressive 120,000 downloads across over 45 countries since its first release, the new version aims to simplify the user experience further.


It was founded by industry veteran and former Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, Kerim Derhalli, to make it easy for anybody to understand how the markets work.


With the Invstr app you can follow currencies, bonds, commodities and companies to start to see how well they perform and their position in the current financial climate.


You can then place moneyless bets on how the company will perform, much like real traders do within the markets.


Functionality within the latest release allows you to build a trading scorecard, earn badges and track your ranking against other users. The overhaul also includes two new games – one based on prediction and the second on buy/sell investments.


This gamification will appeal to many existing fans and no doubt will appeal to aspiring investors.


Since its inception, the Invstr app has been seen as a game changer, demystifying the complicated trading markets that few of us really understand.


By presenting the information in a way many of us have become accustomed to with traditional social networks and allowing us to delve into the world without taking financial risks, we can at last get a glimpse of life as a trader.


Try the Invstr App today with a free download at the Apple App Store or Google Play.