iStaging Launches VR Interior Design App



After scooping the $100,000 top prize from Intel at the largest startup competition in Asia, Taiwan-based iStaging has just launched an interior design app.


However, this isn’t just a standard design app allowing you to search through interior design products for your home. This app could be quite a game changer, as it uses both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.


After uploading an image of a room, the AR tech used within the iStaging app allows you to see exactly how a piece of furniture or design icon would fit within your interior.


This isn’t limited to just how it will look, you can see the exact size in relation to the rest of the items in the room, enabling you to try pieces out before buying (we’ve all been over optimistic with the size of new sofas!).


The VR side comes into play when you’re in need of some inspiration. Within the app you can essentially put on virtual reality glasses and immerse yourself in beautifully designed interiors, which have been created by professional interior designers.


It’s a nifty app (the VR certainly takes some getting used to) and for anyone into interior design could save a lot of trips back to the returns counter. It’s also completely free to download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store for you to give it a spin yourself.


Next on the roadmap for this fledgling startup is a companion app, which will allow you to view properties using VR from the comfort of your own home.


This could make searching for a new house a more immersive experience compared to flicking through Right Move online. It should also open up a lot of doors for sellers wanting to provide a virtual tour of their home, but without the huge cost usually attached.


We’re excited to see how things move on and whether it can hit the mainstream and push the boundaries of what’s possible with these emerging technologies.