Peeps App – Video Message Your Mates for Free


We’re big fans of WhatsApp at, mostly because it allows us to chat with colleagues and friends worldwide without running up a huge bill for text messages.

That’s why we were excited to be contacted by Alex Edge, Co-Founder of the Peeps App with news of a further update to the app.


The Peeps App has yet to make much ground on the likes of WhatsApp and is still relatively unknown, but it’s still early days for this fledgling app development duo.

“Getting the timing right by fitting what you have to say into ten seconds can be tough, especially when you start to panic during the countdown”

For those of you unfamiliar with the Peeps App, it allows you to send short video messages (up to 10 seconds in length) directly to your contacts. Whats more is that your contacts don’t even need to have the app installed to receive and play your latest video antics.


What helps to set the Peeps App aside is it’s functionality – you hold to record and then release your finger to send the video. Nothing more, nothing less. This is a huge plus, especially when you’re looking to appeal to the masses.

Peeps app homescreenThe second nifty tool is how videos are sent and received – in sequence. It may sound simple but this helps you to keep track of conversations (especially with multiple people in the video chat), as well as giving you the chance to create something more than just a ‘hi, look at me’ selfie-esque promotional video.

You could essentially create anything from a video diary during your travels to a short series cooking tips.

Alex told us that they’ve “seen a whole host of different ways in which people have been using Peeps; from travel diaries and holiday postcards to the ‘Peep-a-thon’, where one person sends a day of videos to an ‘audience’ of the rest of the group. More is certainly better – the largest group that we’ve seen so far has eighteen members in it”.


The latest update to the Peeps App (which Alex let us have a play with while still in beta) has an enhanced UI (although the first version was pretty in itself), together with the option to search across your videos by chat title or contacts involved in the group video chat.

You can now also see who’s in each chat and the performance improvements have helped to keep the experience as seamless as possible.

Try the latest version of the Peeps App today for yourself with a free download for iOS at the Apple App Store.