uchek, the app that takes the pee

  • February 26, 2013

Medical apps are no new thing but this app called uchek takes the pee, literally, it analyses your urine and alerts you to any potential health problems.

“Everybody pees, and everybody carries a cellphone,” says Myshkin Ingawale, co-founder of med tech company Biosense Technologies, and well….he is right, but we usually try to avoid doing both at the same time, but this app encourages that we do just that.

How does uchek work?

Well the good news is you don’t pee directly onto your device, ucheck reads commercialy availble urine test strips and then displays the results on your device screen, just like a bar-code reader app reads a bar-codes or QR codes.

For it to be able to do this you simply take a couple of photos of the test strip at intervals of 2 or 3 minutes it then displays a chemical composition of your urine using those images.

The app aims to make self health testing easier, cheaper, and universally available, uchek is not the first health application that has been developed by Biosense Technologies, last year they launched a “bloodless” blood test, to test for anemia at a cost of 20 cents a shot, drastically reducing the cost of current anemia testing.

The uchek app was shown at the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference underway this week in Long Beach, Calif, and is now available free for the iPhone in the App Store.