London Startup launches AntiBall Football Run App


Since launching at the start of September, the free-to-download AntiBall Football Run app has been downloaded in over 100 countries worldwide.

The gaming app was developed by London-based startup Gammalot, aiming to target traditional football gamers with a hybrid of football meets superheroes.

The game is centred around football superhero Marco, with your task being to help navigate him through the stunning Copacabana Beach.

Obstacles are thrown in along the way to try and prevent you from collecting the mighty crystals needed to fill the AntiBall bar.

This is one to test your footie skills – the better you are the more chance you’ll have of unleashing Marco’s ‘inner beast’. This can only be done after you’ve filled that AntiBall bar so you can use the ‘Powerup’ function.

The AntiBall Football Run app is a nice and simple gaming app, perfect for the commute into work.

Try it for free today by downloading at the Apple App Store or Google Play.