Windows Phone 8 is here!

  • June 20, 2012

windows phone 8Windows phone 8 will ship this autumn in the US.

Windows phone 8 core will enable new hardware types allowing development of apps that can be ported from Windows phone 8 to Windows 8.

The smartphone will support multi-core chipsets, 720p and WXGA display resolutions along with 4 times faster javascript performance and full HTML5 support. Bing maps will be replaced with Nokia maps and navigation, and there will be micro SD and NFC support.

A cool new feature will be resizable homescreen tiles (live tiles ) to take full advantage of the higher screen resolution.

The Phone 8 will support 7.5 Mango apps which microsoft will recomplile themselves so developers dont have to do it. The phone will ship with IE10 browser complete with Smartscreen antiphishing technology.