And the Winner is…QuizUp

  • December 9, 2013

Have you got an iPhone?..Do you think you are a clever clogs?..are you playing QuizUp yet?

What is QuizUp

QuizUp is a rapidly growing multiplayer quiz app created by mobile games developers Plain Vanilla for the iPhone (No Android version yet) that lets you challenge your friends or a complete stranger to a quiz showdown!

Choosing from 250 subjects and over 100,000 questions it’s as simple as pick a subject, pick an opponent, play the quiz.

The questions are multi-choice and played to a timer, much like Song Pop, you have 4 answers to choose from and the quicker you select the correct answer the more points you get, so there is no time for checking the big ‘G’ for the answer.

You don’t have to be a quiz expert to play QuizUp because you can choose the topic that you play, so if you are an expert on Films, then you can really test your knowledge by challenging another film buff, and with over 3 million users it wont be hard to find someone to challenge.

QuizUpThere are of course stats for you to see your performance record and boast to your friends, you can view a chart of the best players for each subject on the QuizUp website, there is also a chat function so you can discuss your genius with the world!

QuizUp is available to download from the App Store for FREE