App Helps To Boost Domino’s Pizza Profits



Domino’s Pizza has announced pre-tax profits in 2015 were £73.16m, up from £62.1m in 2014. This has been helped by a variety of factors including lower cheese and wheat costs, together with a reduction in total fuel costs. However, it’s also been helped by sales via the Dominos Pizza mobile app.


In total, over 11.5 million people have downloaded the app, which aided in driving online orders by a massive 29% in 2015. Orders via the app alone were up by more than 41%.


Domino’s Pizza has really been at the forefront of takeaway apps since it first launched, and has kept up with technology trends by releasing an app specifically for the Apple Watch. On the regular mobile app you can customize your pizza, track its progress and pay for your order quickly within the app.


The Apple Watch version allows you to track the progress after placing an order on your iPhone and has a beautifully simple user interface – if you haven’t downloaded it already its definitely worth giving it a go if you’re a prolific consumer of takeaways.


Both apps are aimed at simplifying the online ordering process, with Domino’s Pizza chief executive David Wild hitting the nail on the head when he stated:
“The thing that customers want more than anything else is convenience and that means food that’s delivered to their home. The second most important thing, is food that can be ordered online….

What we have learnt is that customers like to find it easy to get hold of a pizza and that’s the most important trend”

Domino’s Pizza now has nearly 870 outlets across the UK, after opening 61 new stores last year. This year is already set to be another record-breaker, with the company claiming like-for-like sales for the first nine weeks of 2016 were up by over 10%.