Apple March 2016 Event Highlights



March 21st 2016 saw another keynote event from Apple, the first of the year and with industry-wide speculation that a new iPhone would be announced.

We’ve summarized the key highlights of the event below, including a recap of all launch news and dates for the new Apple products.


iPhone SE Isn’t Just a Rumour

Apple didn’t disappoint the speculators, announcing that there would be a new more affordable iPhone model added to the range. Dropping the range number, Apple has stuck just with ‘SE’.

On the outside, you’ll struggle to notice a difference between the new iPhone SE and the pre-6 model iPhone 5S, with the SE also packing a 4-inch screen. This is where the similarities end, as Apple has completely turbo-charged the unit, giving it the same processing power as an iPhone 6. It also boasts an incredible 12MP camera and improved battery life.

The iPhone 5S was hugely popular when it was first released and it’s great to see Apple reviving the model as it’s one of the prettiest to date. It will also delight fans of smaller screen sizes who didn’t make the move over to the iPhone 6 due to the sheer size of the thing.

You can order the iPhone 5E from the 24th March, with prices starting at £359.



Apple Watch Price Cut

Apple announced minor changes to the Apple Watch at the keynote event, including the release of new strap designs and a price cut to the range with prices now starting from £259.

It’s clear with this price drop, alongside the release of the cheaper iPhone model that Apple is really pushing for mass-market adoption of its products by making them more affordable. If you’ve been put off the Apple Watch due to the price previously, this cut may just be enough to make you change your mind.



Ipad Pro Gets a Baby Brother

In line with the other more affordable Apple products launched at the keynote event, it was also announced that a smaller (and cheaper) version of the iPad Pro would be made available.

Weighing it at under 500g, it’s the lightest to date and has the familiar 9.7 inch screen we know and love from the iPad Air. Costing £499, it’s a whopping £180 less than the standard iPad Pro but still packs the same features and can be used with the Apple Pencil.

You can order the new 9.7” iPad Pro from the 24th March, with shipping from 31st March (so you may just receive it within the next 2 weeks).


That’s the wrap of the keynote event – we’ll keep you updated on other Apple product launches throughout the remainder of 2016 so stay tuned.