Bendy iPhones – should you be worried?


Reports that the new iPhone 6 Plus was bending inside peoples’ pockets first started to surface in September. Since then numerous other reports have also sprung up, together with videos showing the iPhones bending.

Apple was quick to rebuke the claims and then Consumer Reports did an investigation to see how it stacked up against other smartphones.

In total Consumer Reports put 6 handsets through their lab and found that although the iPhone 6 Plus was one of the ‘weakest’, it did actually withstand nearly 32kg of force.


Consumer Reports Lab Test for bending an iPhone 6 Plus


As you can see in the video, Apple isn’t the only manufacturer that the problem appears to affect.

This brave guy (each to their own) decided to see what 32kg of force is in reality and was able to bend his iPhone 6 Plus using his bare hands.


So should you be worried about your brand spanking new iPhone 6 Plus bending? Yes, if you have a habit of leaving it in your front or back trouser pocket all day.

If continued force is applied the reality is it may bend, although it won’t render it useless. You’re also likely to face this issue with other similar smartphones and it this may only be the start of things to come. Why? Well as all smartphones get longer and thinner, the risk of them bending increases.

To prevent this from happening to your phone, try to get a solid wrap-around case for it to add further support and DON’T keep it in your pocket all day.