Samsung ChatON leads the way in IM

  • September 4, 2012

Samsung ChatON AniconsThe multi featured ChatON instant messaging app from Samsung is leading the way in IM interaction with advanced features such as animated messaging (Scribble), calender interaction, group chat & content sharing.

The app has an interactive home page and a great new feature called ‘Trunk’, a multimedia content sharing box that allows you to view all the images & videos shared in chat rooms with the ability to comment on individual items and share them via Facebook and othe social media networks.

Samsung ChatON is available in 120 countries in 66 languages and is available for all mobile devices including Apple iPhone, BlackBerry smartphones and Android devices.


Samsung ChatON app features

> Enhanced Group Chat – messages can be sent to several buddies at once
> ‘Trunk’ – a ChatON Contents Sharing Box, where users can leave comments and share content with other social media sites including Facebook
> Animated messaging – users can create their own animated messages with original drawings, texts, audio content and background images.
> Anicon (Animated Emoticon) – Users can download various animated emoticons from
> Buddies say – users can post messages direct to buddies profile page.
> Micro SNS Community – (Social Network Service)
> Group Chat – provides group management features for easy group chats.
> Buddy Interaction – provides an interaction rank which tells you how often you chat with your buddies.

ChatON is getting excellent reviews on the Google Play store with more than 16,000 5 star reviews and an average rating of 4.2/5

Here at we think ChatON is definitely the most fully featured and usable instant messaging app currently available.

You can download the app for free at the Google Play Store or from the ChatON website.