Amazon Instant Video for iPad

  • August 9, 2012

Amazon InstantAmazon has released it’s new  video app, Amazon Instant, streaming video directly to the iPad from it’s 120,000 strong selection of video content.

The big winners are Amazon prime subscribers who now have access to the full catalogue for the price of their original pre Amazon Instant subscription, and get access to 20,000 free movies and tv shows, while non-subscribers will have to pay per view, or rental to access the content.

What is Amazon Instant?

Amazon Instant allows you to purchase or rent from it’s catalogue, create watch lists, and queue video’s ready for playing, with a smart clear layout similar to Netflix, with the option to tap on a video thumbnail to display running time user rating and a brief outline of the movie plot.


The app also features WhisperSync, which gives you the ability to start watching a movie on one device and then continue watching on another compatible device that is registered with Amazon Instant.