Snapseed – Google takes a bite of Apple

  • September 17, 2012

snapseed appGoogle has today purchased one of the most popular and favourite Apple apps, well it liked it so much it bought the company!

Nik software, the company behind the award winning iPhone app, ‘Snapseed’ and other photo related software has apparently agreed to sell to the Apple competitior Google.

What is Snapseed?

The Snapseed app which is a direct competitor to Facebook’s recently aquired Instogram, allows editing, filtering and enhancing of your images, much the same as Instogram but has alot more in depth features such as the ability to add multiple filters, and create custom filters.

Rumours are there is an Android version of the Snapseed app in production.

There are some avid users of Nik photo editing software that are a little worried that the tools they use and love are going to be ‘Googlefied’ as they like them just as they are thank you very much!…..